Saturday, May 27, 2017

Judge Pirro Warns There is a Traitor in the White House Who Must Be Taken Out!

Pirro's open tonight about the White House leaks addresses a serious, dangerous problem that not only affects the Trump admin but America. Whomever this person is, Pirro has a good idea as do many of us (RP), is committing treason against this country by leaking out intel and other information that puts us at a disadvantage. The left of course enjoys being on the receiving end of these leaks because they want to see Donald Trump destroyed. They do not care about what happens to this country from whomever this leaker(s) is. The media goes into frenzies posting lies and misinformation adding to the division they and obama have created.

The left doesn't care our allies lose confidence and more importantly trust in America. Our nations business in Congress is sidelined dealing with high school foolery, with one committee after another created to investigate myths and with politicians who obstruct based on all the nonsense!

This leaker, or leakers, this traitor need to be taken out. And no lefty loons that doesn't mean killed, Pirro want's to see whomever they are found out, prosecuted, locked up and made an example of what happens when you put agenda/ party ahead of country!

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