Friday, May 26, 2017

Prof Tells Tucker Unhinged Leftist Mob Wants Him Fired For Refusing to Participate in "Day of Absence"

So we're clear on this story, in a nutshell the students of Evergreen State College want white people off campus for a "day of absence" because of racism. Isn't that demand in itself racist? Prof Bret Weinstein is objecting to a clear act of racism and being attacked over it! But what do you expect from the higher education system? All they do is produce hypocrites, racists and individuals like this rabid mob who are fortunate enough to know how to tie their shoes at the end of four years.

While you want to empathize with Prof Weinstein you have to understand he admitted he's "deeply progressive person," after Tucker assumed he was conservative! Granted he teaches biology but as an educator of these students he most likely helped contribute to the very monsters out to have him fired! I could be wrong here but show me a progressive who doesn't find a way to influence students on their politics regardless of what they teach!? These children revolting, even threatening violence if their demands aren't met, are only doing what professors at Evergreen and other institutions, coast-to-coast, have taught them to do.

America this is another in a long line of examples to stop buying the progressive LIE everyone needs to go to college. If you're kid isn't going to school to be a doctor, lawyer, engineer, scientist of sort or career that actually requires a higher education save your money, save their souls! Invest in a business or send them to a trade school because for example plumbers get $100/hour! The desk jobs they're being trained for do not exist. The people running these schools indoctrination camps know it but don't care because their coffers are getting filled.

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