Friday, May 26, 2017

Mark Zuckerberg Criticizes Wealth Inequality, Wants Govt to Give Out Free Money

It is not surprising to hear this kind of nonsense from someone who more or less won the internet lottery after dropping out of college. While one can praise Mark Zuckerberg for his ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit that led him to becoming a billionaire, there is a flip-side.

Zuckerberg is not a financial genius, he had an idea and was at the right place at the right time. The people who work for him, who run the company used their business sense and no-how to make him a billionaire.

This kid doesn't possess a degree in economics, finance or even basic business 101. He know what he knows from going through the motions and being possibly educated by those with degrees and experience. That said he has no clue about money,and to suggest the US govt start handing money out to everyone is absurd. The fact he doesn't even understand the US is broke should tell you all you need to know. The national debt is $20 trillion, but that is just for starters, we have another $106 trillion in unfunded liabilities and, it gets better, there's a $300+ trillion bomb waiting to go off in the derivatives market!

You ever see the movie Big with Tom Hanks? Go watch the ending where his character "Josh" is making a business presentation and reality hits how ridiculous it is. That's Zuckerberg and pretty all the democrats with their charges of income inequality where their solutions are based on dreams of universal healthcare, raising minimum wage to $15, or this case universal basic income etc. These people don't have a clue and are dangerous because of the mindless fools who take every word they speak as gospel. If dems want people to have more then they should go first!

Mark, since you have a couple billion to burn, feeling the wealth should be spread around, open up your checkbook start handing money out to people. Otherwise, KID, you need shut up! And that goes for all the wealthy super-rich on the left who feel the same way. There's no gun to your head stopping you from writing checks. Why make the govt do it, cut out the middle man, YOU FIRST!

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