Wednesday, June 7, 2017

DHS Sec: ISIS Using Refugee Programs as Trojan Horse to Conduct Attacks

Sec Kelly outlines what democrats have done by judge shopping to block the Presidents legal executive order banning travel from unstable hot spots. Dems have put the country in danger because the US as of now properly vet nor stop "immigrants" or "refugees" coming from countries who have no stable govt, viable database or records of any kind. Countries we know for a fact ISIS and other jihadist groups are operating freely who have said unequivocally they will infiltrate refugee programs to come to the west to launch attacks.

Again in a 2014 poll 13% of Syrian refugees have a positive view on ISIS, 4% of that was very strong. How many refugees have been brought to the US? It was estimated to be 85K... take a look at the math here. The numbers are too high and not worth the risk that the democrats ignore.

Democrats care more about political points, refugees and immigrants than your safety. They don't even want to acknowledge the driving force behind terrorism to call it what it is, islamic jihad. When Americans blood is spilled by the hands of dems beloved "refugees" they will own it.

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