Wednesday, June 7, 2017

It's Over Dems, Comey's Remarks Show NO Obstruction

Democrats are super excited today because they think fmr FBI Dir James Comey's prepared remarks, for his testimony tomorrow, shows a smoking gun for charges of obstruction of justice against Pres Trump. Apparently reading comprehension and understanding what obstruction of justice actually is, is not a trait in democrats DNA.

First off Trump wanted Comey to investigate the Russian collusion claims!

Dems conspiracy theory Russia colluded (which isn't a crime) with the Trump campaign is a black cloud over Trump's head, it's why he wanted to "lift the cloud" on Russia! The left has been chiming away for mos Trump was trying to stop it from happening. Yep, Trump was so against it he asked Comey to investigate it!

As for the Pres asking Comey to stop investigating Michael Flynn, it was an irresponsible, unprovable remark. No one knows what was said other than what Comey states, but there is no smoking gun demonstrating obstruction. In order for Trump to have obstructed justice he would have had to give Comey an ultimatum or direct threat to stop investigating Flynn "or else". Democrats show where Comey states his job was threatened anywhere in his remarks. Where is the bribe? Where is the proof of evidence being destroyed? Show the country the moment Comey, who was big about keeping detailed notes, points any of that  out? You can't because it never happened.

As a matter of fact Comey points out he agreed with Trump that Flynn is a "good man". Flynn had already been fired for lying to the Vice President, this behind-closed-door discussion was more or less two guys talking about it where POTUS was more or less saying "ehh whats the point, he's a good guy I hope you let it go". Should he have said that? In hindsight no, but is it obstruction of justice? Of course not.

Saying "lift the cloud" and "I hope" are not acts of obstruction of justice!

Look dems we know you hate Donald Trump, but you have nothing here legally. No legitimate prosecutor would ever run with this, even if they did most respectful judges would throw it out! You are not going to get Pres Trump impeached. You are however widening the divide barry obama and your party created over the last 8 yrs. This coup of yours is going to fail miserably, all you're doing is angering millions of Americans who do not trust you or your conspirators in the media as it is. Worst off you are the boy who cried wolf. The day will come when something major surfaces, and no one is going to listen to you.

By all means those of you in the lying media and dem party keep up the hate and anti-American sentiment. When blood is spilled, property damaged because of your unhinged unfounded "facts" carried out by your mindless followers you will have no one to blame but yourselves.

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