Sunday, June 18, 2017

Fauxcahontas Threatens Trump: You Ain't Seen Nasty Yet

Lying media and politicians took to the airwaves calling for civility, to stop the hateful rhetoric blah blah blah. But look who picked up right where they left off after a democrat attempted to assassinate republicans... democrats. Earlier today MSNDNC's Joy Reid attacked Rep Scalise, and here is another example, Elizabeth "Fauxcahontas" Warren preaching to her ilk threatening POTUS "You ain't seen nasty yet!"

We've seen plenty of nastiness from the left since Trump was elected. Riots, Trump supporters attacked, some of the most vile rhetoric coming from just about everyone on the left. What else could they have in store that Warren is promising to champion?

The modern confederacy (democrats, media, Hollywood liberals, general leftists) are never going to stop until they're successful with this bloodless coup they're enacting. If by some act of God they were to be successful removing Trump from office, do you think they'll stop with him? No, no, no Pres Pence would be next and there's no way they would be okay with a Pres Ryan! These violent, unhinged rabid leftists really think they can takeover and somehow put one of their own even Hillary into the White House. That is how twisted and demented they are. Sadly the GOP and Trump admin has given them enough scalps to make such an insane move to reclaim power.

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