Monday, June 19, 2017

Otto Warmbier is Dead Because Obama Was too Busy Wheeling and Dealing With Iranians

Approximately 17 months ago a healthy 22 year old Otto Warmbier went into North Korean custody after being sentenced to 15 years hard labor for attempting to steal a propaganda banner. Today he died as a result of the poor care, or was it abuse, he suffered under NorK custody.

An extensive autopsy no doubt will be conducted to determine exactly what caused Otto's death. On the surface it's clear the NorKs killed him, but we need to know how and they need to be held responsible. But, the Nork's aren't the only ones responsible for his death, Barack Hussein Obama is responsible as well.
'No he's not' many liberals and "republicans" will scream.

Oh yes he is.

The obama failed foreign policy paid off the Iranians in the sum of $400 MILLION ransom in cash, in foreign currency for the release of Americans held hostage

Otto's father said the Warmbier family was told by obama regime to more or less be quiet...

Does this sound like an admin who cared about an American in custody who they haven't heard from in almost a year? The obama regime was always willing to wheel and deal with the Iranians and terrorists to release Americans but not the NorKs, why? Don't forget obama released 5 taliban killers for TRAITOR Bowe Bergdahl's release!

The obama regime did nothing to check on Otto's status nor get him out. Instead they were willing to negotiate away cash money, endanger national security and make one sided deals with the sponsors of terror. While on the flip side Pres Trump is in office for less than 6 months and they got Otto released just in time to be with his family in his final days.

That said I must again make this declaration:

If any American citizen chooses of their own free will to travel to North Korea, Iran, or other nations who HATE America (with every fiber of their being), or are in turmoil with hostile forces, cartels etc running their nation…


How dare any of you selfishly travel, for whatever reason you deem is “good”, to nations who HATE America, putting yourself in a situation to be taken hostage and used as a pawn against the US! America’s security and sovereignty should not be put in jeopardy to negotiate your release. Wheeling and dealing, releasing spies, large payoffs, easing sanctions etc should never be put on the table because of your naivety.

Watch and see how Americans being held captive for whatever reason will be used against this country while countries like N Korea continue to amp up its war machine. American hostages will probably be used as human shields at key targets that should be bombed off the face of the Earth.

Call me heartless, cold, whatever I don’t care. The security of America should never be put on the line for people who insist on traveling to countries who would like to see us wiped off the map.

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