Monday, June 19, 2017

Tucker Battles Dem Strategist Who Told Followers to "Hunt Republicans"

This James Devine is a certified piece of garbage trying to justify on Tucker Carlson his telling followers to Hunt Republicans. He actually had the audacity to suggest the right needs to take things down or they [dems] will have to ratchet things up! The hateful rhetoric, vitriol and violence is all well documented coming from the left. This piece of trash then proceeded to hold up some ridiculous Liberal Hunting Permit picture and the infamous Palin target to again justify what he saying to this day!

Tucker nailed it calling Devine unbalanced, but he should have expanded that this "dem strategist" is another face of the radical, unhinged, dangerous, modern day confederacy. You don't go on national tv saying you want peace while you're on social media calling for republicans to be hunted down, hours after a democrat tried to assassinate them to change the balance of power!

[FYI the audio was bad during the live airing]

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