Friday, June 9, 2017

Muslim Activist Calls For Taxpayer Funded Muslim Safe Spaces!

Tucker Carlson did a nice job taking Blair Imani's, a muslim activist, argument apart for muslim safe spaces and calling her out for not speaking out in her community against those who have perverted her "religion".

Muslims are free to go about their business in any American city they choose. Imani, a recent convert, is just adding to the divide by expecting tax-payers provide safe spaces for muslims. What exactly is it they want to do they can't do now? Pray? You want to pray in the middle of the street or something? No you will not be given a space to do that, let alone a space to spew hate America, Christianity, Israel or anything that will more than likely lead to violence.

Yes, muslims will be surveilled more than others in this day and age because for the most part acts of terrorism are being carried by radical islamists. Since we can't tell the difference between who is a islamist or not unfortunately the entire bunch has eyes on them. You don't like then do something about start ratting out the radicals and Imams preaching jihad! If Christians were running around blowing up little girls at concerts and chopping people's heads off, I a Christian would accept law enforcement surveilling me! I would also be ratting out, speaking against and condemning anyone killing non-Christians in the name of Christ!

We don't see that from the muslim community. Sure there are few out there like Zuhdi Jasser but that's it. Of the billion or so muslims in the world, 99.999% of them are completely silent towards those killing in the name of allah!

Until you people have reformation you're not going to get any sympathy, let alone safe spaces, from taxpayers!

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