Friday, June 9, 2017

Pelosi Questions Trump's "Fitness for Office", Suggests New Russian Conspiracy Theory

Now that democrats dreams of collusion and obstruction have been destroyed they are pivoting their narrative to take Pres Trump out. And who better to lead that charge then the head witch herself Nancy Pelosi, who questioned Trump's "fitness for office". If demoncrats can't impeach Trump through cooked up 10 months of claims of obstruction and collusion they'll try the good old fashion 25th Amendment! See they like the Constitution when it empowers them to destroy the other side, other than that they'd love to take a gallon of gasoline and match to it once they get what they want.

As senile as Nancy has become, she was able to cough up a back-up plan suggesting the Russians might be blackmailing Trump as well! There is no other way to sum up what she is doing here than this "clinical diagnosis"...

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