Friday, June 9, 2017

Tucker Battles Dem Lawmakers in Denial Their Witch Hunt Against Trump is Over

Democrat politicians appearing on Tucker Carlson today cannot seem to accept their dreams to impeach Pres Trump over Russian collusion and obstruction of justice came crumbling down today, it's over! Apparently the nonsense and outright lies we've been hearing isn't going to stop after James Comey's testimony destroyed the narrative they built up for almost a year. Frankly it's amazing Tucker hasn't blown his lid dealing with these people, even going as far to say he just won't have these types on anymore! He directly challenged them to produce proof of their claims, proof we've been willing to see only to hear more lies. Democrats are in total denial at this point ignoring POTUS' plenary powers, making things up, twisting laws around or blatantly lying.

Seriously, what is wrong with them? Saying these people are completely unhinged is not to be taken lightly. They just got blasted today, their narrative destroyed, media outlets have been outed for falsifying "news", what do they think they could possibly gain from not accepting defeat and moving on? They have done considerable damage to this nation by expanding the divide obama started. Friends, co-workers even family have been pitted against each other over the nonsense and lies they've created. These people are dangerous, they are the face of the modern day Confederacy who seem to be pushing for more conflict between Americans by pushing the lies.

It's time to get back to the nations business focusing on creating jobs for millions like myself unemployed, national security, tax and healthcare reform, do everything possible to avoid or soften the massive economic blow that is coming. If you dems want to start a civil war over your lousy candidate losing then get it on already or get the hell out of the way.

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